PPLA Participations believes that the culture resulting from its core values is responsible for its market advantages, leading to the integration of the organization and ensuring superior results.

The PPLA Participations believes that its ability to permanently offer capital to its customers is an important competitive advantage. With this in mind, it intends to continue developing its Merchant Banking and private equity businesses, primarily regarding investments in Brazil. The PPLA Participations believes that its contact network and significant business volume offer several attractive investment opportunities, which may not be available to its competitors. Consequently, the PPLA Participations believes to be able to attract third parties to private equity or similar funds, for which it would act as investment manager, generating management and performance fees. The PPLA Participations expects PPLA Investments to operate as an anchor investor and accumulate significant interests in funds related to the Merchant Banking activities and, consequently, generate revenue for its Principal Investments area and generate revenue for the Asset Management area.